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    Anyone bend down their stock mirrors?

    I suspect the very thick wall of the mirror stem will deform the plastic bottle before it bends.
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    Anyone bend down their stock mirrors?

    Thanks for the Kiwav link. The style you have is now only available in chrome or blue, but they have several others that I'm checking out. I like the hinge at the base.
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    Anyone bend down their stock mirrors?

    Nope. :( It's mostly a case that if I ask enough mates I find someone who has what I need. A lot of my tools have ended up in my son's shed as he's more likely to be using them than me.
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    Anyone bend down their stock mirrors?

    I know a lot of people swap out their stock mirrors for bar-end etc but I'm generally OK with the stock, except I'd like them a few inches wider. I thought I might be able to bend them down a bit so they come out a little wider. I took off a mirror to see what it's made of. It's a thick walled...
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    Akrapovic and LeoVince Replica / Fake Muffler Exhaust Options

    That mesh looks like catalytic convertor material. It's typically like a rolled up piece of corrugated cardboard.
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    Vit and Svart 701 discontinued, buy one while you still can! :-)

    Every now and then I get on Royal Jordanian's youtube channel just to listen to the Nuda. It's among the most fantastic sounding bikes out there.
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    Special Edition 701 Coming!

    The bronze is nice but riding a bike that's branded with a clothing logo is not my thing. I have enough trouble finding tee shirts that don't include the logo across the front as if I'm a billboard. In recent years I've had two Indians, and they partner with Jack Daniels each year to produce a...
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    I think I'm too tall for this bike

    If you are six feet tall and can't flat foot it I suspect your height is trunk length. That will tend to make any bike look smaller than it really is as your seat to helmet distance will be a bit further than most riders and you will tower over it. The bike looks good in its own right...
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    My bike meets it's twin

    I bought my Svart 401 on April 1st and it was the first and only one I'd seen. The local dealer had a Vitpilen but no Svart. He said he had two on order and one was spoken for and I took the second one having only seen them online. For several years I've been on Kawasaki, Indian, and my current...
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    Adding power socket to 401

    There are two accessory connectors at the front of the frame so I've put them both to use. The switched one has the USB connector tied to the handlebars that I put in another thread. The live connector now has a Merit/Powerlet socket. Both my tyre pump and battery tender fit this socket and it...
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    Ride Pictures!

    Not their most fun song
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    Ride Pictures!

    Thanks ... that's why I couldn't find anything in your sig. Also explains why lots of web searching turned up nothing. Looks like I'll have to think my way towards something similar to fill in that messy area. A closer pic would be appreciated next time you are out on the bike with camera in...
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    Ride Pictures!

    I like the look of the rippled panel under the tank. Can you tell me where that's from? Thanks.
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    Anyone put a USB socket on a 401?

    I took the lead from @BISavage and got this done this morning. Set it up on Acc2 so it turns on with ignition. If I think it looks awkward on the bike when I'm riding I can tuck it away and leave out the lead as @Sisco has done.
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    Anyone put a USB socket on a 401?

    Thanks for the pics. Mine is similar to yours but $15 from an electronics store - the Husky part was $60. o_O Funnily enough, I'd looked at mounting it sideways on the top brace (didn't look good) but didn't even think of what you have here. I just went and tried it and think I'll set it on...
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