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    What mods are you planning?

    "Official Mods" here... There is a heated seat!
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    Great riding video on the 901

    You can even see the rider almost crash it on some mud at 8:40! And some side by side wheelies with Poskitt at 19:25.
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    Who has one on order?

    I want to see one in person first... maybe even get a test ride?
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    What mods are you planning?

    Where is that Coober posted? I didnt see it on their website...
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    What mods are you planning?

    I'd consider changing the mirrors, shortening the rear fender / tail tidy, and looking for any heavy parts that might need removing...
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    Linkage or PDS?

    I see some comparisons on the web, but most are not well matched, meaning the bikes have other significant differences. This writeup is "OK"...
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    Crash bars on

    Mitch, I'll be very curious to see these!
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    Linkage or PDS?

    One of the big differences between the Husqvarna FE vs the KTM EXC-F is that the Husky has the linkage rear suspension and the KTM has the PDS (Progressive Damping System) rear suspension. What do people thing about that? Is the linkage "way better"?
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    It is remarkable how removing the clutch lever makes the bike look strange! More owner pictures please! Do you ride your "automatic" often?
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    So I see a couple of the new members have "Automatics"... and I know nothing about these! A quick google gave me an introduction from bikeexif: But can some of you guys tell me more about them? Do you still ride them? What is it like? Is it like...
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    I might have to order a Norden

    Very cool Matt! Please let us know any status updates! Were there any choices? I'm guessing there will only be one color. Your dealer offers test drives? Not many dealers do that here in the USA, in my experience.
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    Decoder ring... TC, FC, TE, FE, TX, FX, FS, EE?

    OK, I think I have this figured out! The first letter: T = Two stroke F = Four stroke E = Electric The second letter: C = motocross? Competition? E = Enduro X = X-country (cross country) S= Supermoto Any more? Anything wrong?
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    concept pictures!

    I found these great hi-res concept pictures of the Svartpilen 401. Obviously, they are kind of old now, but still really cool.
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