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    Norden Pricing

    Belgium : 14.800 euro
  2. Matt

    To sell or not to sell

    I'm getting my Norden 901 in a week or 2. Would it be a worthy investement to keep my Vitpilen with silver body (2018), since they stopped producing them? Or won't it sell much better in a couple years?
  3. Matt

    Press Release Pictures of the New Norden 901

    If you follow some forums and FB, I would say yes :p Me for one, I would have cancelled my order if it was in this white. Couldn't be more happy. Just waiting for the crash-bars, since the whole bike still doesnt feel complete qua looks. Also ... think about all the cleaning with a white body ;)
  4. Matt

    A short history of Husqvarna

    Reminded me that the logo represents the barrel of a rifle (musket) ... but the majority here, probably knew that already ;)
  5. Matt

    Norden! Spotted in the wild this weekend…

    Colours are shifting .... hopefully towards the concept-colours !!!
  6. Matt

    Ride Pictures!

    No trouble with standard mirrors? I found that they suffered alot from vibrations. Replaced them a week later.
  7. Matt

    Norden Episode 3!

    Failed to add the clip itself apparently :p
  8. Matt

    Leo Vince LV-10 leak

    Oow thx.... Didn't know !
  9. Matt

    Leo Vince LV-10 leak

    There is no killer on it, track-only pipe. So stay clear of Germany :p
  10. Matt

    Tires and pressures...

    Aah come on ... I always go to the Ardennes. It's not all that bad, and there is the outside-track of Spa where you can go nuts all day aswell ;)
  11. Matt

    The Norden is Coming!

    For those who didn't saw the Norden without luggage so far. Looks great, especially from behind !!! Keep in mind that the taillight will be U-shaped ofc.
  12. Matt

    Recall - serious quality defect

    Check out my post 'Close Call' in Adventures, Trips, ... Think I may started the recall :p Happened the 16th of June. Also a Vit 701 of 2018
  13. Matt

    The Norden is Coming!

    New photo been released ... looks like it's gonna be the taillight of the vitpilen 701 on it. Too bad tbh, liked the concept one.
  14. Matt

    Close call

    On a side note ... there's an OP banner on my avatar lately. What does it mean? Should I change something ?
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