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Mar 9, 2021
Thought I would share my experience with some parts I bought for my 2020 Svartpilen 401 from T-Rex Racing. Overall the parts are made of good quality materials and have a very well made look but I did run into some issues with a few of them which are detailed in the letter to T-Rex below. I sent this letter to their customer service a week and a half ago but haven’t heard anything back.

Hello T-rex racing.

I recently bought $561 worth of parts from your business based on your good reputation. After taking the time to install all of these parts I wanted to share my experience:

Let's start with the positive, the engine crash bars are perfect, and they look and fit great, so too did the front wheel sliders. The skid plate looks fantastic and the fitment was impressively spot on. However there is just one big problem with it, the front plate that extends 5inches up beyond the main body of the skid plate (to protect the header) vibrates like crazy around 4-5k RPM. It not only rattles loudly but translates vibration to the rest of the bike. The main body of the skid plate on the other hand is solid, very little vibration. The problem could probably be solved by trimming 3 inches off the top of the front plate, but as you can imagine I am not very excited to be cutting into a brand new $200 powder coated part I just purchased. This causes enough vibration that it makes riding the bike feel unnerving, and I am afraid it is going to rattle things loose.The radiator guard also rattles like a snare drum no matter how much foam I use to secure it. Though I am hoping this will be resolved after fixing the issue with the skid plate.

The other part I was really disappointed with was the fender eliminator. This part was clearly designed for 2018-2019 Svart/Vit 401s and probably works great for those years, but it only kind of fits the 2020+. Fitting it to my bike felt like a hack job, even though it is sold as fitting the 2018-2021 on site. The bolt holes in the eliminator did not line up with the 2020 mounting points, I had to use a dremel to enlarge the holes quite a bit. The eliminator came with no hardware, which was disappointing given the stock bolts are not long enough to fit with the eliminator. Also the flat plate does not seat well against the slightly round bottom of the bike for solid attachment. Fitting it also requires dismantling the rear turn signals, which makes sense on the 2018-2019 models due their location on the fender but shouldn't be necessary at all on the 2020+ models . I realize that when buying aftermarket parts not everything will line up perfectly with factory mounting points due to expected variability in manufacturing tolerances, but this seemed to have too many issues for a $90 part that was supposed to fit the 2020. This is clearly a quality well built product, but it just is not designed for the 2020 Svartpilen.

I spent an entire day putting this stuff on the bike and now feel like I can't ride the bike until the skid plate vibration is fixed, and will need to spend more time taking it all off the bike again to fix it. This is disappointing especially since these parts are clearly made of high quality materials and look great. If you have any potential solutions for me I would really appreciate it.


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Oct 8, 2020
Unspoken Origins
Feel your pain on the fender thing.
The original Husqvarna one took me 20 min to get to the point where I had to muscle it...
3 hours later...

...my muscles were sore.
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