For Sale: Bracket to Retain “Premuffler Cover” on Vit/Svart When Using Decat


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Oct 18, 2020
Portland, OR
If you have a Vitpilen or Svartpilen 701 and have removed the cat, but still want to have the lower shroud on the bike (as shown in the pictures) this bracket will allow you to do it. Normally, the shroud is attached to the cat, so if you remove the cat, off comes the shroud as well.

I have a '19 Svartpilen and also have an Arrow Decat, and it fits my bike. It will definitely fit with Badwinners decat, which is just a straight pipe and doesn't have the bulge to make contact.

I believe it will fit all Svart and Vit 701, regardless of year, but please verify with Badwinners to confirm.

Shipping from France for one of these brackets to the US is $43 and Badwinners charges $80 for the bracket, so it costs $123 for a single bracket. I purchased two to cut down on shipping costs, and I'm selling the other one. Your cost here will be ~$95, so you can save $28 and some time by purchasing one of these. I am not making money on this; just splitting the shipping costs to try and reduce overall costs for me and you. Shipping to mainland US is included - $95 total cost.

It is brand new. Never installed - as new from factory.


From Badwinners:

BW Bellypanel Bracket 701 Vitpilen​

When we wanted to increase the performance of the Husqvarna Vitpilen 701, we immediately wanted to remove the catalyst, but we realized that it served as a bracket for the belly panels. So we found ourselves faced with a dilemma, design or performance? We have chosen both and developed a bracket to remove the catalyst while keeping the covers and keeping the lines of the bike. The parts are laser cut aluminum. Easy to assemble, you will find our tutorials in pdf and video."


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