Arrow exhaust & decat for Svart/Vit 701


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Feb 27, 2021
Estepona. Spain
Just sold the Svart, so not needed any more. The exhaust is stainless steel., and I used it for about 2500ks,. It is not noisy with the baffle in (and also EU homologated). A bit noisier (and deeper) with the baffle out. Saves about 3kgs in weight. The decat pipe is also stainless steel and can be used with both the Arrow exhaust and the standard exhaust. With the Arrow exhaust it is quite noisy (too much for my situation). With the standard exhaust it sounds very nice, noisy(ish) but not nasty-noisy. Saves about 5kg over the standard cat "lump".

Prices : exhaust 170 euros, decat 70 euros, both 220 euros and (if buying both) I will throw in some R&G parts (black aluminum exhaust hanger, heavy bar ends and swing arm spools) and some new exhaust gaskets,

I am in Spain and sadly, I am not Paypal friendly so another method is necessary (Bank transfer, transfer by one of the many transfer apps, or you can send to a Paypal friend in the UK). I will ship anywhere at your cost. References available from Switzerland and Australia for the non-trusting.


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