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    Rattly noise after cat delete.

    It sounds like a metallic rattle. It only resonates at certain RPMs. Comes from that exhaust tumor behind the shock. Combined with the gargling from the opened intake, the bikes sounds like shit, to be frank. Anyone had the same results after cat delete?
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    Anyone tried the Magura clutch, yet?

    I see there is an HC1 model for the Svart. I have my doubts given the mounting for the slave. Stock actuator is so chintzy, I suspect the feel would be mushy and inconsistent.
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    What's the purpose of the exhaust chamber?

    Is it for noise? Does it cause a flow restriction? I fear that deleting the chamber and the cat will make the exhaust too loud. Not sure which one I should go with.
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    Who makes a plug-n-play LED relay?

    For the turn signals. Maybe an OEM part for the European model?
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    Modded clutch lever for a take-up screw.

    Drilled and tapped a hole in the perch to put a take-up screw in. I ride enduro bikes most of the time, so I'm very particular about my clutch levers. It really helps with one finger reach (small hands). Also cut the lever, so I can pull it all the way in without slamming my knuckles.
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    Anyone running an ECU tuner?

    Just ordered the Coober kit from AOMC. Can't wait to try it out. I've seen a few dynos of 390 Dukes gaining 3-4HP in the middle and 2HP at the peak with various methods. That seems to be the natural peak for this engine. I hope I see at least that with the cat delete, open airbox, and the tuner.
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