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  1. BISavage

    Pic not shown

    Not Sure if its just my phone, but I see this on a post instead of pictures: Here is the post: Post in thread 'Ride Pictures!'
  2. BISavage

    RevPack - **** Yeah!

    So I did a post about the super sweet pneumatic Rivit tool I picked up, and to try it out I figured I would install the RevPack from silent sport I bought awhile back. Post in thread 'Pneumatic Rivit Gun' There are a few...
  3. BISavage

    Bug Spoiler for (old) 401 bikes - Zieger Skid Plate for '18-'19s

    Decided to upgrade the looks of my bike a notch by replacing 350 grams of plastic bug spoiler with 970 grams of aluminum and steel! Three colors are offered, and I went with the white. (White...
  4. BISavage

    Friday Night and I Svart'd my 'Pilen

    Yep, I Svart'd my 'Pilen. HQV Alloy Wheels HQV 2018-2019 Rim Sticker Moto-Master Discs EBC HH / TT Pads Custom Supersprox CZ Chain
  5. BISavage

    Wheel Sets / plenty to go a round

    So, I know that some of you have multiple sets of wheels, be it for race tires, or mag to spoke / spoke to mag upgrades. My question; do you use a second set of axels and/or bushings as well? And how do you store the ones not on the bike?
  6. BISavage

    Pneumatic Rivit Gun

    So I was considering an air powered rivit gun, primarily for exhaust repacking. Does anyone have any experiance on one of those thigs?
  7. BISavage

    Air Filter Renewal - Cotton Gauze Type (k&n / dna / bmc / etc.)

    So, had a DNA Stage 2 laying around that needed some attention. First got an appropriate clean/oil kit, a BMC one was handy so I went with that. Cleaned it according to the instructions. Let it dry for 6 hours in the shade. While it dreid, I put it on paper towels and changed the towel...
  8. BISavage

    USD Shocks - Not cool anymore?

    So, I was at a bike show where they were selling bikes and stuff last weekend. I think my bike got the most attention of all bikes because of the 'pilen styling. One thing I noticed though was that most bikes under a certain size have "regular" forks. Since when did that happen that...
  9. BISavage

    Best Pipe Routing

    GPR offers Pipes in High Level and Low Level (and underbelly if you use a '16 390 header). I am wondering which differences there are performance wise. I intend on trying a GPR with CAT in the muffler entrance at the low position; without the stock cat (obviously) and without the chamber. So...
  10. BISavage

    Project Racing Air Filter Lid

    Project Racing has a filter lid?!? Has anyone tried one yet?
  11. BISavage

    Little Software Updates for Small Bikes

    So, it happened again... I got a free update and didnt dyno the bike beforehand. 😱 Not sure what is changed except the fuel range and fuel guage. Noticed first time I filled up that the guage didnt change right away after adding fuel, and updated the fuel level and range after a few...
  12. BISavage

    Adding to Performance

    Does anyone else use additives to increase their performance. I splash a bit of this into my purple/greenish 100 octane before I fill 'er up...
  13. BISavage

    Exhaust Tuning is Baffling

    So I was looking at my exhaust pipes and I noticed that there always seems to be a clean section on the inside DB Killer, at the engine end if it, before the carbon buildup starts. Then I got out some measuring stuffs and found that this part of pipe which is clean seems very similar in volume...
  14. BISavage

    401 Ways to Filter Air

    Found this, Sprint Filter: Which made me curious. Wonder if its better at filtering or performance than one of these DNA Racing Filters...
  15. BISavage

    Clearance: Header / Magneto Cover 401 '18-'19

    I was playing with my exhaust and I decided to clock the header to exactly the stock position and with it there, I measure 1.7mm (about 1/16 in.) of clearance between the header and the magneto cover. When I clock it to give a bit more clearance I end up with more or less exhaust leak... before...
  16. BISavage

    I think I'm in (g)love

    So, today I saw a "twelve year old" riding her 125 naked bike with naked hands and I thought no way... the kids these days... but then when I paid more attention I was surprise at how many people actually didnt have gloves! Back when I had my first bike I would ride with Ropers before I saved up...
  17. BISavage

    Other Vehicles - More Wheels

    So, it is clear that their is a lot of enthusiasm for motorcycles here... what about more wheels anyone else into that kinda stuff too?
  18. BISavage

    Arrow Dark / Pilen Svart

    Seems to have taken the longest time to get my hands on one of these, and it was worth the wait; especially for everyone else it would seem. Installed the Arrow Pro Race "Dark" and have a few hundred miles on it so far. First impressions: smooth deep throaty mellow. I havent had it on any...
  19. BISavage

    Time to Shoes

    Picked up some shoes, which are technically riding boots with CE Protection 1 1 1 1 Rating. They also came with a second set of laces in gray for those who dont like the neon. The purpose is to replace my vintage, melt proof Globes. (and by no means replace my "real" riding boots...which...
  20. BISavage

    Oh No O'Niel is at it AGAIN

    Totally marketed in the right direction... "...must buy... NOW"
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