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    Got the dreaded engine cut off symptom

    It's happened to me several times well before hitting 1k miles. I can't remember a single instance in the past 200-300 miles. I blamed it on the clutch switch at the time. It would happen just from pulling the clutch in while coasting (3,4,5,6 gears, over 20mph, pull clutch in - dead).
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    Looked at a Svartpilen 401 yesterday

    I was shopping for a Grom-type bike when I decided to go with Svart. I already had an anemic KLX with 22HP. You won't regret the extra power.
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    Lightweight Nakeds Comparison Chart!

    Wonder where they got the power numbers. All I ever saw for the 401 was 40HP+ when I was shopping and choosing between it and the Kawi.
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    Project Racing Air Filter Lid

    Huh, I oiled mine before I knew this. I also stretched a filter skin over it.
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    Project Racing Air Filter Lid

    Thicker than Coober. Should be a more effective... filter.
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    Rattly noise after cat delete.

    It's definitely coming from the exhaust, under the shock. If I put my boot on it, it dampens the sound. I might delete that thing, too. But really didn't want to. I think the bike is going to be too loud. I might put the cat back on and see, if the noise goes away first.
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    Rattly noise after cat delete.

    Here's the noise. P.S. It's not from the pegs. P.P.S. I've checked for leaks. No leaks.
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    Rattly noise after cat delete.

    I've ridden it twice. I'll check for leaks. But it doesn't sound like one.
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    Rattly noise after cat delete.

    It sounds like a metallic rattle. It only resonates at certain RPMs. Comes from that exhaust tumor behind the shock. Combined with the gargling from the opened intake, the bikes sounds like shit, to be frank. Anyone had the same results after cat delete?
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    Clear clutch cover

    I've read those things always end up leaking.
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    Anyone tried the Magura clutch, yet?

    I see there is an HC1 model for the Svart. I have my doubts given the mounting for the slave. Stock actuator is so chintzy, I suspect the feel would be mushy and inconsistent.
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    Look at this thing!

    I'll take an Indian bike, over a Chinese one, any day of the week.
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    Husqvarna eBikes

    Neat. I'd pick one up at a discount :D
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    401 Ways to Filter Air

    What do you mean by "more feel?"
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    401 PSI Settings

    I prefer softer tires. I only run more air than recommended in cars for gas mileage. I think I'm at 27-28psi in the Svart.
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    Evap System

    how does the tank breathe?
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    Anyone running an ECU tuner?

    Got the cat delete, finally. Should get it installed early next week. Weekends are for offroad riding.
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    Cheap AliExpress Exhaust?

    The last, and only, time I've tried a china exhaust, the flange at the head broke off from vibration. 12yo can't weld.
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    Miss Shifts, (she's) My Every Day Thing

    Impact is often safer. I hate prying shit around small and precisely machined bits. I don't know why those would be reverse-threaded. Nothing rotates on the same axis.
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