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  1. BISavage

    Crash bars on

    Easy to solve, next time one of your friends who has never ridden a motorcycle says "that looks cool, can i try", just say yes and close your eyes
  2. BISavage

    Ride Pictures!

    So I was out and about looking for a "motorcycle parking place"... and I found one... at least according to the sign. I be like "WOW my bike is HUGE!" And off for some "urban offroading"
  3. BISavage

    2020 Vitpilen 401 - Exhaust Backdating

    Nope, no issue. Just adjust your shock settings with the bike warm. With the fat cat there you can feel the warmth more vs. otherwise... still no comparison to many other bikes as far as feeling heat goes though.
  4. BISavage


    Rekluse clutch compare: Roll off the throttle and there is motorbrake until you go slower than just above Idle. Gears change manually with the shift lever, quick shifter can be used so you also dont need to let off the gas for shifts.
  5. BISavage

    Ride Pictures!

    First ride with an additional 15hp. (3 New Stickers x 5hp per sticker) Subtle. 🦚
  6. BISavage

    Dual disk

    Careful with the exhaust and filter, not that you go from a system tuned for performance to something that is all show and no go.
  7. BISavage

    Steering Damper Stabilizer 401 S or V

    I have, but it was me and not the bike, and I was able to "tune" it out. Thread 'TANK SLAPPER!!!' The bike is light, and behaves as such... bikes that need steering dampers typically come with one or have a factory option to put one on.
  8. BISavage

    2020 Vitpilen 401 - Exhaust Backdating

    What do you need a vin for? Can look up parts here:
  9. BISavage

    Handlebars (no not the type of mustache)

    I was "attempting" to measure the stock 2019 Svart' bars... not so easy when their on the bike. :unsure: And by the way, what is the motivation for upgrading?
  10. BISavage

    Handlebars (no not the type of mustache)

    This ktm original one fits the dukes to allow for 1 1/8 bars: 00050000922
  11. BISavage

    Handlebars (no not the type of mustache)

    7/8 at the Grip, 1" at the Clamp
  12. BISavage

    Vitpilen 401, Engine Control Lamp and neutral flashing, bike twitching

    As mentioned above, can check connectors for battery, sidestand switch, clutch sensor, gear position sensor, and pretty much every accessible connection point. When mine was new it had some strange electrical quirks which were improved by cleaning and reconnecting the battery, and then solved...
  13. BISavage

    Time to Shoes

    Yeah, when I expect the rain or snow I typically use a pair of Geox Amphibeox boots I have because they grip so well. You dont know what your missing though, until you catch a freak downpour in summer when it hasent rained forever... the roads are at least 5 times slipperier than Ice and you...
  14. BISavage

    SP401 w/ KTM Duke 390 Mirrors

    Good write up. Unfortunately you're right about the aesthetics... they definately are less flattering on the 401 than the 390... but on the bright side, they go well with those dot spec signals 😉
  15. BISavage

    Dutch Vitpilen 701

    Interested to hear how they work after you get them scrubbed 🙈
  16. BISavage

    Dual disk

    @Actionabe I am totally stoked to see how it turns out.
  17. BISavage

    Gas leak around right hand side

    Thats still way new, not sure if it makes since until 7k unless you upgrade... either way good luck.
  18. BISavage

    Time to Shoes

    Liking them so far...had them in the wet too, and on the inside I stayed dry... pretty slippery soles though on wet pavement at stoplights and such.
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