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  1. Dr.Shifty

    Anyone bend down their stock mirrors?

    I know a lot of people swap out their stock mirrors for bar-end etc but I'm generally OK with the stock, except I'd like them a few inches wider. I thought I might be able to bend them down a bit so they come out a little wider. I took off a mirror to see what it's made of. It's a thick walled...
  2. Dr.Shifty

    My bike meets it's twin

    I bought my Svart 401 on April 1st and it was the first and only one I'd seen. The local dealer had a Vitpilen but no Svart. He said he had two on order and one was spoken for and I took the second one having only seen them online. For several years I've been on Kawasaki, Indian, and my current...
  3. Dr.Shifty

    Adding power socket to 401

    There are two accessory connectors at the front of the frame so I've put them both to use. The switched one has the USB connector tied to the handlebars that I put in another thread. The live connector now has a Merit/Powerlet socket. Both my tyre pump and battery tender fit this socket and it...
  4. Dr.Shifty

    Anyone put a USB socket on a 401?

    I've got a USB socket to wire into the new Svart on either the Acc1 or Acc2 connectors. I'm having difficulty finding a place near the handlebars to mount the socket. It's about 1 inch by 1 1/2 inch by half inch. I'd like it to be accessible for plugging in the phone cord but not obtrusive and...
  5. Dr.Shifty


    This guy should know ...
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