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  1. Max Kool

    FS: 2018 Vitpilen 701

    It's time, it was fun. 2018 Husqvarna Vitpilen 701. An absolute gem in the canyons. ~75hp with a real (measured) weight below 350lbs with an up/down quickshifter. Bike is clean, no damage. Garage kept, and never saw rain. I am the second owner and bought the bike in November 2019 with 580...
  2. Max Kool

    Tell me again why I should sell my Vit...

    ok friends, you've heard me about other bikes before. So, lately the love for my little Vit was slowly dying. It had developed into a love/hate relationship. I love the way it looks, but I was slowly starting to dislike the way it steers. Too sensitive on the front wheel/bars, too much...
  3. Max Kool

    The 701 SM has a new triplet sister

    (Always loved redheads) Nothihg new here of course, yet it wins the beauty pageant for me with the red bodywork and the cast wheels.
  4. Max Kool

    Brabus 1300 R

    Not impressed, but only 77 in each color made so I guess it will be expensive and sold out it minutes… (Yes that is a ‘Pilen headlight)
  5. Max Kool

    Sure you want a Norden 901?

    I see this beautiful DesertX become an instant classic. I'm in love. I know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Both the Norden and DesertX were initially revealed at EICMA two years ago as prototypes. But while the Norden is already becoming a bit dull, this machine just got more and...
  6. Max Kool

    Non-Husky canyon ride

    I know, too heavy, wheelbase too long, that 19” front wheel and underpowered to hang with the big boys. But it is what it is.
  7. Max Kool

    Gas and Retro kit....

    We have all seen this right? I totally love that front fairing. So much I ordered one (without the winglets btw).
  8. Max Kool

    No Nuda riders here?

    I’m so sad it was never sold in the US. 😢
  9. Max Kool

    Rear tire size...

    Yo! A friend of mine just received the first of a few Badwinners shipments to build her own Badwinners Leclerc 701. Yes, the full monty! Anyway, included in the kit are 5.5x17" Dymag carbon fiber wheels. This size should accept 180 width tires. Here's the thing, I know first hand even a 160 on...
  10. Max Kool

    Norden! Spotted in the wild this weekend…

    Not by me btw.
  11. Max Kool

    Meanwhile, my other bike...

    Mupo Racing rear shock Mupo Racing fork cartridges Whopping rear wheel/tire (stock is 150/70-18, this is a 190/55-17) Couldn't be more different from my Vitpilen, both massive fun in the canyons 🤘
  12. Max Kool

    Anyone did their own valves at 6000 miles?

    Did they need any adjustement? Im doing it tomorrow if I find the time, but I don’t have a box of shims or a micrometer (yet). Just curious what to expect.
  13. Max Kool

    Tires and pressures...

    Ok friends, I live in canyon heaven. The roads here are super winding, and rough. Ruts from trees under the tarmac, patches, crumbled tarmac, cracks. Also, no room for errors. Stuff like this. When I got my Vitpilen 701 year and a half ago, I could never become friends with the stock tires on...
  14. Max Kool

    Tire changes...

    After 15+ years of spooning tires off and on, I gave myself a present today.
  15. Max Kool

    Vit/Svart 701 video fest!

    Share your favorite 701 videos in this thread. I keep watching this one, I couldn't have said it any better.
  16. Max Kool

    Vit and Svart 701 discontinued, buy one while you still can! :-)

    Husqvarna 701 Vitpilen and Svartpilen to be discontinued Better hold on to your bikes, they're becoming museum pieces.
  17. Max Kool

    Still no snow in SoCal

    Mid 80’s today, too good to stay home.
  18. Max Kool

    test pic 4

  19. Max Kool

    Anyone seen any 2021 news yet?

    Norden, Vitpilen 901/1301... It's very quiet from Husqvarna. :(
  20. Max Kool

    chip in a few bucks?

    Yo Carl, I got no idea if this forum costs you any money, but if it does, I wouldn't mind chipping in a few bucks to make sure it doesn't. have enough room to upload pics keep it ad-free stay out of the hands of VerticalScope stuff like that Cheers, Max
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